Back to school / work.

Everyone went back to school and work today.  Like the rest of the US, we’ve been letting our sleep drift later in the day.  Somedays we were still in bed at 7:30 am which was so luxurious.  I do like getting back into the regular routine even though our winter break was relatively quiet, I like being regular in all the ways one can be regular.


It’s finally properly cold in DC, Jeremy and Vince are still biking.  I think Jeremy has on all his windproof gear.  Vince may be riding still in his shorts, he is a determined middle schooler when it comes to fashion.



Ruby will be 15 years old next week, that’s 105 in human years. We are planning on frying up a delicious piece of steak for her to celebrate.  So rarely do we bring beef into the house, it’s going to be a special treat for all of us.  As she’s aged, she’s grown some lumps and bumps all over her body.  We decided a few years ago that we wouldn’t mess with them, we’d just leave them be.  Vince hadn’t really noticed them until yesterday one appeared, rather quickly, on her cheek.


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