Quiet day on the home front.


So cold today!  Vince and I have a little passive-aggressive fight when the weather gets cold.  I’m of the mind he should still bike to school in bright, sunny, bitter cold weather.  He thinks otherwise.  I want him to ask for a ride.  He wants me to offer him a ride.  There is a morning brittleness that rivals the temperature outside. We are at a morning impasse.  Jeremy comes and rescues us by giving Vince a ride to school.

Jeremy is such the peacemaker in the house, he rescues all sorts of situations.

Jeremy and I went on a supermarket date tonight where we bought fixin’s for our own Philly cheesesteaks.

One thought on “Quiet day on the home front.”

  1. Wow these are some great posts! Noel the Loft etc. looks amazing. Very talented man you are. Rena's lobster tails only made me sad I wasn't there to eat her fantastic food.

    Josh would be very proud of Vince and Jeremy with the bike thing. He loves his bikessss. Rides everywhere. He has like 5 for some reason. Was very excited when Scott got a new commuter bike and I got a new one for myself. (I hit a fence in Taos skiing so biking is done for a few months). First world problem. I completely get the fear of getting hit by a car Doris.I am with you on that one! Ruby. One of our favorite dogs in the world. Happy Birthday to that sweet old loose lip slobbering girl.

    How is the Kiki family doing in New Mexico? We'd hope to get up to see them but time has become unavailable with Scott's work. Still was wondering how they were doing?

    Happy New Year to everyone!

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