We are patiently waiting for the snow.  Because the two feet of snow will be accompanied by 30-40 mph winds, we’ve been warned repeatedly like children by the weathermen (ah sorry, weather people) that we could lose power and therefore we must be prepared.  Like ill-equipped children, we all understand that the loss of power means that we’ll be sitting in the dark, trapped behind two feet of snow, with our electronics running out of charge and slowly getting colder – but how does one prepare for that?  Do we fill our tubs with water?  Do we call our neighbors and ask to stay at their house with power and, if they are kind enough to share their watts/volts/amps with us, how will we get to any other house with two feet of snow everywhere?  We will just have to conjure up our pioneer spirit and eat all the candy I’ve hidden from Vincent.

Last night, as the city emptied out, I went into town and had dinner with Lana and Jeremy.  Shake Shack first for burgers and then a round of drinks.  The round of drinks may have been more expensive than dinner.  Lana is excited to try out the infamous DC “happy hour”.  In Boston, there does not exist an alcoholic happy hour.  But in DC between 3-7pm, the whole town gets boozy on seven dollar cocktails.


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