Snow. It continues. We are trying to not go crazy.


Hello loves,

We just got an email saying that school is cancelled for tomorrow (Thurs.) – it’s a real mess.  The roads are pretty clear here, it’s just that some schools still don’t have their parking lots plowed or bus access cleared.  In our neighborhood, the sidewalks are still sketchy, especially the parts where no one claims as “in front of their house”.

Vince has been taking advantage of the days off of school – the storm blew in just as he finished his last final of the semester, so there is no schoolwork for him.  He’s been seeing friends or just chilling out watching lots of TV.

Edda has been in the house for days, though yesterday we took her to Montgomery Mall where we ate at full food court and ran into many interesting people.  We shared a table with a lady who lives at Ingleside who said they did an excellent job during the storm, though she was relieved that finally she was out and about.   Edda ran into a camp counselor at JCC who ran up to her and gave her a big hug.  That was nice.


It’s always a little strange for me to see Edda walking without anyone touching her in a public place.  It happens so rarely, but I suppose it could happen more frequently.


Last night we watched Zoolander in anticipation of its sequel coming out this summer (?).  It’s a bad movie, but it had Donald Trump, David Duchovny and David Bowie making cameos.  Jeremy and I both sighed when David Bowie came on screen – to which both Vince and Keyla asked – who’s David Bowie?  Ha ha.  Oh well.



Today, everyone was so bored, we channeled a little bit of David Bowie into Edda’s eyebrows.


2 thoughts on “Snow. It continues. We are trying to not go crazy.”

  1. I think the new planet should be named "Ziggy Stardust". All the other planets are named after greek gods and goddess. So why not the next one be named after a glam rock god!

    Maybe all the parents should walk to the schools and shovel the parking lots. That woud be pretty funny to me. I'd join in for sure.

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