Snow Storm & Reporting to Work

By now, everyone knows the “Big Storm of 2016” that hits east coast.  In order to report to work on Monday in South Carolina prior to this nasty storming weather, I left at 4:30 AM on Friday morning, driving south along interstate highway 95 and arriving at my hotel in South Carolina at ~6:30 PM..

First 280 miles was pretty good.  After that, in Southern Virginia and Northern Carolina, weather turned nasty with freezing rain and snow.

There, I encountered several accidents.  Two of them involved several 18 wheelers. The road was completed blocked with these heavy monsters and its heavy cargo.  No one could move them easily and promptly. The road was therefore completed blocked for a long, long time.

But, one of them shouldn’t take that long, if it was handled properly. It happened at a under pass of route 95, at the intersection of a local road (over pass). Theoretically, even the road was completely blocked there, it was fairly easy to re-route the traffic out of and into route 95 using two ramps by crossing this local road. The detour was not long either.  It was about 1,000 ft only.  The problem was there was a STOP sign at local road crossing.  Since no one there to direct drivers to ignore this STOP sign, every car needed to do a full stop before crossing the local road and driving toward route 95 on the other side of the under pass.  With all these trapped cars, it took forever just to pass this STOP sign. May be, people working on the accident had a bad day and couldn’t think too much.

The last 100 miles of driving was not easy either because it was all under heavy shower.

After all these, luckily, I finally arrived at my training office around the Columbia Airport in Columbia, South Carolina. It must be their new office.  Even the company sign is printed in plastic sheets.  Here is the picture for that 🙂

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