The last snow day.


Kids were home one more day (again).  This is the last snow day!  It’s going to be 60 degrees next week – we are all going to be in shorts and t-shirts then.


We had dinner tonight with Debbie and Dennis. Dennis (I say the next bit with sherah’s Texas accent), bless his heart, snowblew (? snowblowed), my mother’s driveway Monday morning – even before any plow had touched their street.

We had Friday night dinner with them as (tremendous) thanks.


I wanted to give Dennis something nice for his trouble, Debbie told me he liked brandy.  So I shuffled off to the local liquor store with Edda.  I don’t understand alcohol, I don’t drink, I don’t even drink enough water – nothing there looked quite right.  I texted Jeremy to rescue me.


He was just about to leave his office and said, don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.  He walked into a nice liquor store downtown and picked up a fancy bottle.  Dennis was pleased – said he thought he got the better end of the deal which was sweet to say, but I’m sure that I (and my mom) got the better end.


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