There is still a lot of snow around.

There is still a lot of snow around.  Kids were home from school and will be again tomorrow.  Jeremy stayed home as the Metro only opened the below ground stations today.  I worked – no snow day for me.  This was suppose to be my first week of class, my classes this semester are on Tuesdays (tomorrow) – those are cancelled too.

We haven’t driven since Friday at noon.  Trying to stay off the streets so roads can get cleared.  I haven’t even really walked further than the end of the block.  Jeremy did make it to town center on foot today – he reported that the elementary school was still buried under a beautiful white blanket.

We are slowly eating down our food supply, collecting all the compost and waiting for something.  I’m not sure what I’m waiting for because no way is anyone shoveling the backyard walk between the house and the compost pile.  I guess I’m just waiting for spring.


2 thoughts on “There is still a lot of snow around.”

  1. Put those stuff into a big plastic bag and drop the bag on the snow and dump it into the compost pile later when you can walk to the pile.

  2. Man that was some storm. Love the videos of shoveling. Just cracked Scotty and I up. Josh said no snow in Troy at all but it has been 9 degrees so he's bummed it is so cold and no snow.

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