Today is the first day of work.  Of course, this full week is all about getting proper training as to how to perform work in nuclear power plant environments.  I have got several training sessions of this kind before and am familiar with the subjects.  They are more or less the same.  But, when I got my grades back, I was pretty happy and felt much younger.  I got two test grades with scores of 98/100 and 100/100.  Pretty good. Right?

On the lodging side, I called several apartments and checked out a better hotel.  This hotel will charge me about $430.00 per week and the one I stay right now is ~$250.00.  Of course, it is much better there but I probably will stay in this economical hotel for a while.  As with respect to apartment, I need to keep looking.

On last Friday, I drove about 12 hours and, half of them, was under freezing rain and snow.  Very proud of that too.  Just like duracell batteries, keep ticking 🙂

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