Beautiful day.


As our au pair experience winds down – we have about 6 weeks? 8 weeks? left, we are trying to put in place other childcare in place.  With the autism waiver, we are able to hire folks to hang out with Edda about 20 hours a week.  We were able to have Nat hired by the autism waiver provider and she worked a few hours on Sunday.  Ideally, we’d love to have three or four people in our regular rotation who know Edda, so we can have backup and backup for the backup.  Having live-in care has spoiled us for sure, we’ve been able to manage sick days, half days, random off days, snow days and Jeremy’s travel and my clinical rotations with ease.  Now everything will involve off-site after school care which runs more on a regular school schedule, so these bumps in the school year need to be planned out more in advance.   Vince is also growing up, so we are going to start asking him to help out with Edda’s care, which he’s already offered.  It’s tricky – asking Vince to care for Edda.  


It was an incredibly beautiful day, everyone hung out on the porch and had a tea party.


Vince took lots of photos and videos.  I don’t really like handing him my phone because he loads it up with 10,000 images.

I loved this spoof:

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