Super Tuesday.


Edda was a little bored at Sunday night dinner.  Absolutely no one talked about politics.  How was that possible?


I commuted Monday into DC and did it the old fashioned way.  I biked to the Metro, I took the Metro all the way around the red line and then took a shuttle to Children’s Hospital.  I spent the day in the OR where I watched a repair of a burst cerebral arteriovenous malformation and a congenital hip dysplasia.  It was fascinating and boring at the same time.  Fascinating because, come on, how often do you get to see live brain surgery, and boring because surgery can take hours all I had to do was stand there and not touch anything.  I watched them saw off about 1/3 of a skull.  I watched them take a hammer and chisel to a hip.  These are the operating rooms that Edda would go to if she had the spinal surgery.  I saw our orthopedic surgeon’s name listed in the operating room where they not only list the surgeon’s cell phone number, but write down preferred gown and glove size and antiseptic for prepping the surgical area.  Just so you know, he wears a 7.5 size glove.


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