Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and I

Donald and Bernie have many issue positions on the opposite side.  But, I definitely will vote for Donald or Bernie, and no one else.

Why?  Let us (ordinary, silent and average American) get rid of those so-called elites from Ivy League School graduates, economists from Chicago University?, balanced and fair media (all medias including New York Times, Washington Post) and Wall Street. They have had their chance to govern for a long, long time, but with disastrous results.  Why?  With political correctness and nice, soothing words prepared for every one, nothing, nothing gets done this way. No pain no gain. It is about time to be governed by the Main Street, with majority, and above all, using common sense instead.

I would rather tell those poor, advantageous kids that their chance for success is just 1/10 of those on the other side of social spectrum.  Don’t accept any free hand-out, just working extremely hard. Good days are coming.

If our kids have a little bit of marijuana and they get caught, they certainly have this criminal record with them in their whole life time. The Wall Street screwed everyone up and, yet, they got US$800 billions BONUS from all of us. And mind you, no one, absolute no one goes to jail.  Why?  It is the Wall Street and and Government Complex at its best.  Who care big banks fail?  The more the better.

In these days, be a talker (e.g., Marco Rubio) is much better than a doer (e.g., John Kasich, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush & Dr. Ben Carson).  You can talk your way to prosperity.  All establishment and their followers are.  All leeches of society are too.

Marco Rubio can’t even manage his own 401K accounts.  And, yet, he says he can manage all ours successfully. Nothing but B.S.

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