Two cuties in the backseat asleep while we were on our way to Hopkins this morning.  As we pulled up to Hopkins, Keyla asked if this was where Ben Carson had practiced as a neurosurgeon.  I’m impressed she’s keeping up with US politics.  A few years ago, I met a woman whose five-year-old son about to half his brain removed by Carson.  It’s called a hemispherectomy and it’s to treat uncontrollable seizures.  I’m glad I didn’t have to make that particular parenting decision.


The doctor we saw today was recommended to us by a number of DC area Rett families that have had various ortho ailments surgically treated (spine & hip).  This surgeon said that he thought Edda’s back was already far too curved to benefit much from the brace, that it’s already past the “tipping point” and will steadily get worse with age and gravity.  It’s fine for now, not causing pain or unbalancing her mobility.  But the outcome of the surgery is much better when the curve is not as severe – the surgery is less complicated, the recovery is smoother.  He recommended finding a time within the next year that we can, as a family, manage the extra care Edda will need for about two months.  The surgery will mean about a week for recovery in the hospital and about 6-8 weeks recuperating at home.  I guess the good thing about orthopedics is that you can always try to fix something with hammers, nails, screws and cement.

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