Duplex House, Passport Renewal & Tax Time

My working area is in Picture 1.  A brand new table with a chair.  My sleeping bedroom is in next picture.  I don’t need a bed which causes me a lot of problems with my back.  And my dinning area also with brand new table and two chairs as one can see in the last picture.

Today, I started working on my passport renewal for our upcoming trip to Machu Picchu in October.  Time really goes by quickly.  I have hold my passport for almost ten years.

It is also my tax time.  I need to file our small business tax by 3/15 and, other more familiar one, form 1040 by 4/15.

I was locked out today because the old lock suddenly came back to life – popped open to lock the door inside.  I had to call my landlord and he made a special trip back home.  Really sorry for that.  But, he was pretty excited today and told me he just bought another house nearby.

Time to be landlord.  Hopefully, he can rent all his houses out to those people working in the new nuclear plant.  Besides that, nothing happens here.  No new employment here in Winnsboro, SC.

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