Coastal Flats


Clinical for me ended early (surprise!) so I was able to pick Mom up at BWI mid-afternoon.  Vince is off somewhere camping, so the rest of us headed to Coastal Flats, a new eater near the Target in Gaithersburg.  This is a new “neighborhood” that has just sprung up with restaurants, bars, fancy gyms etc, topped with high-end apartments and then condos or single family houses that ring around the center of the “town”.

We thought we’d beat the crowd by getting there at 5:30 pm, but alas, we did not.  We waited about 45 minutes to get seated – I’m not even sure the last time I waited in line for a restaurant!  But I had a lot of fun, I’m not often out in a crowded place having a drink on Saturday night.  Here’s Edda having a sip of my cocktail – I was waiting for her to make yucky face but it didn’t happen.  Yelp told us that the service was excellent and warm and I give props to our waitress for asking Edda directly what sides / drinks she wanted even though we kept answering for her.  Thumbs up!


Here she is totally drunk.  No that’s not true.  Here she is wiping her greasy lips on my shirt sleeves.


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