I am going to max out my 401K ($18,000,00) plus catch-up ($6,000.00) as soon as I can.  All is in stock funds. This will provide a lot of flexibility as well as prudent financial planning with less taxable income, upfront.

I am also going to move into a duplex house tomorrow in the country side, less traffic, more room, and, above all less wake-up call noise everywhere in the extended stay hotel.  The land lord is one of our co-workers.  He paid $15,000.00 for the entire house and, yet, rents out a half with $500.00 monthly income. Good deal.  I told him that I am happy for him for his smart investment.  He is looking for the second to buy.

Mom turns my small hotel kitchen to a full blown one.  I am kind of amused what she can do. She also just finished a hand-kitted sweater for me.  And I love and wear it.

Too bad, she is leaving tomorrow (Saturday).  She will stay in China with her relatives about a month and will be back to our west coast home in Mid April.  I guess, there, she needs to take care of our “additional Master bedroom as well as the mud room” without me in the short term.  Hopefully, after my assignment and in the near future, I can join her.  As with respect to building permit, I have requested and got an extension from our City.

I plan to come back to Maryland in early Spring to do the grafting on our persimmon fruit tree.  I have ordered and got all ingredients (a grafting knife, grafting tapes and protective glue) to do the work.

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