My New Place

Today is my moving day.  Mom helped me to gather all my belongings and moved in this old duplex house. After moving in, we went to the local BI-LO stores to buy grocery to put them into my refrigerator.

At lunch, we went to a local American Buffet place called “Barn Express”.  It was jammed packed.  The lady cashier thought we were from the moon or some strange place.  But, they were extremely polite.  She even handed me her business card and with handwriting on it about their business hours.

I even went to a local Wells Fargo bank to get some cash.  I also found a local Chevy car dealership where I am going to have my air bag recall fixed.

Winnsboro, SC is a world for Donald Trump and Bernie.  Their signs are everywhere.  No sign for other candidates though.

Too bad, Mom is leaving.  But, at least, last Sunday we had a wonderful Valentine’s Day together 🙂 with my budget Valentine’s balloon, flowers and vase.  It costed a total of $5.00.  Not bad either 🙂

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