Wed already.


I’m relishing the regular-ness of the week.  Everyone is well, everyone is in a good mood.  We are all doing our regular neurotic stuff, but because it’s all within the scope of a regular week, it’s not so bad.  Jeremy’s slightly anxious and can’t sleep, I’m slightly mopey and become lazy and tend to sloth, Vince forgets sheets of paper all around the house and then sends us into a frenzy 3 minutes before he leaves for school trying to locate them, Edda is pooping on the shower floor, Maxi has diarrhea, and, finally, Ruby is perfect.  Because I know that our days with au pair child care are numbered, (3 months left, but who’s counting?), I’m extra aware of all the help I get around the house because of Keyla’s attentiveness and I’m trying to appreciate every moment of it.

Hmmm…. what else happened today?

Vince is trying in vain to help us keep up with teenage culture.  We hear little bits of sayings that we don’t understand, yet know they are part of the youth vernacular and then we ask Vince to clarify the origin of the phrase and to help us incorporate it into situations and sentences.  It’s hilarious to do this at the dinner table, with Keyla both trying to learn old idiomatic English phrases like “pushing my buttons” from us and then trying to learn new idiomatic phrases like “deez nuts” with me and Jeremy.

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