Ramen Hack

Edda started after-school camp today.  And Nat picked her up and brought her home.  Day 1 of new childcare arrangement – done.  Edda seemed to like it, no complaints from her.  Although since tomorrow is election day, the kids have off school which means that camp is closed too, so day two of childcare is logistically a dud.  But we still have Keyla!  Tomorrow is technically her last working day for us (sniff!), so she’s on Edda duty all day.


Vince made his own ramen hack dinner tonight with Stubbs BBQ flavored roast beef, green onions and an egg.



Edda still won’t open her mouth wider than about 1 cm, which makes it hard to feed her anything.  We’ve been grabbing chunks of food with our fingers and then shoving the bits into her mouth.  It’s not very efficient.  I think her mouth is still a little sore, but I’m worried that if she gets too used to opening her mouth only a little bit, it’ll get stuck there.  Vince suggest the chewy P – a rubbery tool that Edda used to be able to grab with her left hand and bring up to her mouth to chew.  We found a few in our closet and tried to get her to chew on it.  Once it’s in her mouth, you can kind of move it around a little to encourage her mouth to open a bit more.  She does wince if you try to open her mouth wider than she wants it to go.  She’s lost a bit of weight, which is OK, because she did have weight to spare, but it can’t go on forever.  Of course, the scoliosis brace doesn’t fit anymore with the weight loss.  Argh…


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  1. when Josh had his out the doc suggested at night to massage the outside of his jaw in the back to reduce inflammation and soreness….

  2. Doris tried the massage last night, and I have been cutting pears into narrow wedges that slip right in. She seems to be improving, and is certainly in a much better mood.

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