Hi loves,

It was a very nice weekend here at the Lee-Martin homestead.  I realized that the downstairs toilet was leaking water onto the floor last night – so I took it apart to replace the wax ring.  This was my taking the toilet apart last night…

This morning, I installed a new wax ring and put the whole toilet together again when I realized that the screws used to hold the toilet to the floor had become dislodged.  I read on the internet how to prevent this from happening – I needed a second set of nuts to hold the bolts to the flange – this wasn’t in the package, I needed to find my own extra ones.  I then took it apart again, installed a second new wax ring and then shimmed the toilet so it didn’t rock.  Hopefully no more leaks.  I want you to know I didn’t spend all weekend working on plumbing, though I do enjoy it.

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