A little rough here on the re-entry back into regular routine.  Keyla’s on vacation so Jeremy was in charge of Edda’s morning hair.  I’m impressed he managed a couple of plaits.

Edda had an orthotic appointment today – to check up on her brace which is rubbing and abrading her armpit skin.  Not good.  We haven’t been really able to keep her in the brace that long because her armpit is rubbed raw.  We are also getting her foot orthotics to prevent her feet from splaying out anymore and a new-ish type arm brace.  Jeremy picked the flower design.  I feel like we will just coat her with a uniform plastic shell and turn her into a little beetle.

Jeremy locked horns with their billing person who is trying to charge us $425 for 5 stretchy undershirts.  Insurance drama.


Vince changed phones today, to the beautiful hand-me-down phone from Tony.  We are extra protecting it with tempered glass and a nice case.  Hoping it lasts *forever*.


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