She’s back!


Edda is pretty much back to her regular self.  A little bit hesitant on the eating, but lots of progress on the smiling.


As she’s leaving next week for another host family, Keyla is saying good-bye to Edda’s teachers and  to Deb, Edda’s OT, today.  We held a tea party and just chatted and had fun during Edda’s last Friday session.

Keyla teaches us all about photo filters.


We had Georgetown Cupcakes to celebrate – milk chocolate birthday, key lime, cherry cheesecake and coconut.  Jeremy accidentally sat on the cupcake box at the Bethesda Metro station on our way home from the movie last night, so we were afraid some of them were squished, but only the coconut one was every so slightly mooshed.


This is a crazy make-up app.  It automatically puts makeup on your face.  Voila!


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