Who is alpha?

I read somewhere once that a marriage was like forming a partnership to run a very small, mundane nonprofit business.  Recently, Jeremy and I decided to try and hold a weekly meeting where we hash out all the regular crap that comes up. At this weekly meeting we discuss finances, logistics and various small grievances that have popped up over the past week and will continue on into the next week, month or for all eternity because some grievances are never resolved no matter how often they are brought up.   I need to think of a clever name for the meeting, – it used to be the “financial summit” which we would think about holding quarterly, but that didn’t work because we’d forget to have it.  “Summit” seems too lofty for a weekly meeting.  We used to have arguments about how to handle a problem and just talk about the problem, but now we just go straight to discussing the power dynamic between us.  It’s often helpful to know who exactly is in charge.  Sometimes the right person for the job is not the one in charge.


Edda hasn’t been sleeping well.  Last night, I swear, she was up from 1 – 6 am.  Gotta figure out how she can be awake with no one else awake.  This is a problem that Edda is in complete charge of and it’s wiping us out.


I spent some part of the day loading trucks for a local 10K – a race down the Rockville Pike.  There were a lot of orange cones piled in big trucks.



Jeremy is fixing Edda’s ramp into the garage.   I like this ramp, it’s just about to rip through the unsupported door jamb.


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