I went to bed early last night, so I forgot that Jeremy had a VIM (very important meeting) today because I didn’t have a chance to catch up with Jeremy when he came home after a meeting he had last night.  Edda was up all night – just talking – and getting slightly warm and sick again and I punted on taking care of her.  I just couldn’t bring myself to manage Edda in my sleepy/sick state and I made Jeremy do it (even though I knew he was getting sick too).  I’d like to think I would have not punted if I had remembered the VIM today.

Then we were all up at 6:20 am trying to decide if Edda was well enough to send to school with a prophylactic course of Motrin.  We decided to keep her home – with the other sick kid taking care of her.  Ibuprofen cocktails all around.  Hopefully we’ll all be well by Mother’s Day.


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