Recovery Saturday.


Everyone is recovering nicely, though everyone except me has taken ibuprofen today.  I’m looking forward to going on a run tomorrow after many, many days off.   I’ve lost four or five pounds this week, which mostly I was sad to see go because I patiently built up all this random muscle strength via running, jump roping, weight lifting and it just goes away with a few days of excess video watching and sleeping and virus fighting, but also makes me slightly uplifted because, as most girls know, you can never quite rid yourself of wanting that number on the scale to go down a la Romy & Michele’s HS reunion – Michele: Remember the prom? You got so thin by then. Romy: Oh, I know. I was so lucky getting mono. That was like the best diet ever.

We bumped into Sophie again who admired Ruby.


I had unsubscribed from Netflix a few months ago because we were getting the same videos from Amazon Prime and I watch so little TV, I thought saving the 10 dollars a month was worth it.  But it turns out when you are sick, all you want to do it watch videos and the UI for Amazon was killing me softly.  I would watch a video, then fall asleep, then not be able to find it again when I wanted to.   And I couldn’t browse efficiently.  When I’m sick, I almost like browsing more than enjoy watching the movies themselves – I like reveling in the endless possibilities. Argh.  Also, I missed the auto-next video Netflix has so I can just turn it on and let Edda binge watch from 4:30-6:30 am while I sleep next to her.


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