The new Mellow Mushroom appeared in Rockville Town Square about a month ago – to blisteringly bad reviews on Yelp.  I’m sympathetic to new restaurants, it always takes time to really get everyone to work well together.  Anyways, a local Rockville booster encouraged all his Facebook followers to try out the Mellow Mushroom and, if it was good, to leave a good review on Yelp because it’s in our best interest to have thriving businesses in our little town center.  The Mellow Mushroom is a very popular national-ish chain and does have kind of a cult-ish following, but I think we won’t go back.  The service was very attentive and prompt, but the pizza was not that exciting to me.

What is exciting to me is that Chuy’s, one of our favorite places in Austin, is opening a branch less than 5 miles from our house.  Mmmm…swirled margaritas and queso.  Though the last time we were at Chuy’s, Jeremy had his one and only seizure.  Knock on wood, never again.

Vince spent all his birthday/Christmas/Chinese New Year and allowance money on a gaming computer.  In pieces.  He’s building his own – with the advice of Jeremy.  I hope it works out.  It looks a little scary to me.  I like my computers to just turn on when I open them right out of the box.


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