NYC extravaganza


My parents hosted a whirlwind, luxurious Lee family vacation in NYC this past weekend.  We were #soblessed with beautiful weather – the most amazing we could have asked for ever for a mid-June holiday.  Vince and Edda skipped school on Friday and Monday (the last ones), I wasn’t thinking clearly when I picked this weekend, Vince missed a little graduation ceremony and orientation at the high school, but I think he thought the trade was worth it – and he reminded me that he missed the first day of middle school (he was sick), so we ended it like we started – truancy.

Even though I hate driving with a fiery passion and Jeremy enjoys it, I ended up driving into midtown in our suburban minivan.  This was because our phones stopped getting data one right after another  about an hour into our drive and woe is one on a road trip without data service.  So I drove while Jeremy talked to T-mobile to get us back on the internet.  Jeremy and Vince cheered me on (you are doing great!) as I made my way past all the sensory overload of pedestrians and pigeons (without hitting anything), but as soon as we got out of the car, they both made fun of my grandma driving skillz.


Hotel fun.


The first day (Friday), Donald got in from SF redeye, we got into NYC by 1 pm.  Vince was like – what kind of food are we having for lunch?  I said, probably any kind of food you can think of…

Vince picked ramen…


Most of us did order ramen, but this isn’t ramen.



Our parents weren’t getting in until evening, so we went to the Lego store.


And the Nintendo store where people were playing a new Zelda game.  Vince wanted to wait in line to get a chance to play, but it turned out people waited a week for a spot – oh well.


Edda fancied the hotel TV.


Went to Grand Central Station – site of one of Edda’s favorite movie scenes in Madagascar.


We’ll continue in a bit….

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