Wheels up!


Dropped Jeremy off at the bus to BWI in the am.  He’s off!

I had a few hours of childcare today (I need to take a picture of Kitachi, she helps out on Tues/Thur and Sat) and Vince was off doing something (I would later find out it would involve Duck Donuts and BonChon chicken) so I paid the bills, went grocery shopping and went to the gym.

Does it take everyone else an hour to pay bills every week as a grown up?  Seriously?  Seriously.  I need to figure out how to streamline it.  We have nothing complicated, yet we do have a budget and to pay all the bills and reconcile the budget, it takes an hour or more every week.  It takes even longer when I get distracted with youtube music videos.

I went to Whole Foods for the groceries and this time I was happily greeted with a large, orange sign announcing free food.  I was hoping to scrape together lunch from samples.  That didn’t happen and I had to buy some lunch to supplement the samples.

I only bought fresh fruits and veggies on this grocery shopping trip.  It is my mission to eat out of the freezer and pantry this week while Jeremy is gone.  Jeremy is in charge of the kitchen and he likes to “stock up”.  I’m not in charge of the kitchen, but I like to have a house with no clutter.  I know defining 10 packages of frozen chicken thighs (purchased at a good price, I know!) as clutter is not the canonical definition, but somehow my brain thinks of it that way.  Anyways, I’m going to work through things we’ve collected in the pantry and freezer – to declutter the house through our digestive systems.


Jeremy texted me his airplane selfie.  He likes to send me these – he looks a little tired in this photo, no?   Have a good trip sweetie.


I’m already slacking on dinner.  It’s 7 pm already and nothing is going on in the kitchen.  I guess I better get on that.


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