17,000 bicycles.


I think most of my friends think I’m pretty flexible in terms of what to do, where to eat, what to see, where to go and I am – I never really care what the plan is, I can accommodate whatever crazy scheduling logistics when we are still deciding.  It’s only after the plan is set am I upset that we have to deviate from it.  Like today – I had a plan for today which just involved these things: wake up, go for a run, log into work, drop Edda off at camp, come home, work until 6:30 pm – no meetings, no phone calls, make/have dinner, do the night time routine and then go to bed.  This is a very straightforward and simple schedule for me, not pressed for time, everything easy.  But then somehow I get irritated when Jeremy calls at 4:30 pm asking me to drive across town through rush hour Beltway traffic at 5 pm to help him pick up and drop off bikes at the cool hipster bike store we’ve decided to patronize.  Because they are cool and hip, they are a little unpredictable with scheduling and timing and hence Jeremy’s last minute request.  It’s not that I couldn’t do it or that it caused me a big load of hassle, I think it mainly messed with my idea of what the plan was going to be for the day.  I need like a 24 hour lead time to change the plan and I think this was established in my teens when we’d leave messages on phones and expect a replies in a day or so.  I would never survive as a teenager now with last minute texting for meet-ups, it would drive me bonkers.

Jeremy promised a night out on the town for my self-inflicted troubles, we made it to the Parkway Deli, a favorite of the DC Martins, but we’d never been there before.

Edda loves her matzo ball soup.


They have a free pickle bar with beets.   I’m wearing one of Vince’s old shirts that is too small for him.  It’s the Death Star with “epic fail” written on it.  Maybe not the best wardrobe choice, a little too geeky even for me.


My crazy sandwich.   I do eat vegetables – mainly at home, not when I’m out.


Dessert case.


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