Edda has a little wound where her armpit meets her back brace.   It was there a few weeks ago, but I thought it had healed.  Maybe it healed and then opened again?  Or maybe it’s been unhealed for a few weeks.  So we went without the back brace last night, today and tonight too.

This morning, I did her braids while re-watching American Beauty.  I loved the movie when it came out, but its revelations are not as shocking now.


The thing I love about giving up the brace is that the snuggling is back.  It makes me so sad that with the back brace, it’s impossible to snuggle Edda to sleep.   Hugging her is like hugging a Terrapin turtle.  But now, while her wound is healing, I get to curl up right next to her and feel her whole daytime stiff body relax as she falls to sleep.

Good night!  See you on the other side.


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