Date night.


We went out last night with Lael and Rachel – two of Jeremy’s coworkers.    I don’t know either of these women very well (though I know them better now), but somehow Jeremy feels a bit self-conscious asking young, single women out for dinner on a Wed night without including me on the invite list.  It was one of the most fun date nights we’ve had in a while.  It was a kind of a true date because often our dates are grocery shopping, (but I know, it’s not really a true date because we had two other people there) – rare for us.  First happy hour at a bar, then dinner at another restaurant and finally dessert at a third.  The night was beautiful.  We didn’t talk about work – which is amazing because I was outnumbered 3-1 – clean energy policy did not make an appearance at the table.  We talked about – quilts, moving to NYC, fast casual restaurants (CAVA), marriage (whether one, at particular moments, will inevitably regret ever getting married to one’s particular partner), chocolate chip cookies, hoppy beers, vacations, pit bulls, Etsy stores, government-issued credit cards, Beyonce concerts and cats.  We hung around their neighborhood – Columbia Heights, a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood with the only Target in DC.  I haven’t felt so hip in a long time.  Here we are riding the bus home.  Bus riding is not really hip.  Although Jeremy is trying to make it hip.  Also, because summer camp is the source of all lice and I’m getting email about lice, the only thing I can think about when I look at the photo is the lice jumping from one head to another.  And also that I have a huge wrinkle on the inside of my eye, when did that happen? – the exact opposite of crow’s feet.


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