Jeremy’s decided to train for a 100-mile bike race in September.  He got a friend to sign up with him and he downloaded training plans from the internet.  I’m a little afraid this is a build up to something insane like biking across America – maybe the Trans Am Bike Race (?) – which is a self-supported bike race across the US.  No vans, no support teams – just you, your bike and 10,000 gas-station burritos.  Mmmmm….

Jeremy is planning on riding long on Sundays, so I find myself with Edda looking for things to do mid-day.  I’m trying to work against my natural inclination to stay at home and doze off.  It’s not so easy to go exploring with Edda, I feel often like I need a little moral support from Jeremy or Vince – so I tend not to go out with just Edda.  But I think I shouldn’t be so daunted – all our caregivers are aces about doing it – so I guess I should try. Maybe visit all the interesting ice cream shops?  This weekend, that’s what I started doing, but we didn’t make it to the ice cream shop, we just made it to lunch.

I had many requirements for this lunch.  I wanted it to be in the country so I could spend some time driving the back roads of MD, I wanted it to be not a chain, I wanted it to have easy parking and I wanted it to be kind of cute.  And not expensive.  Edda and I ended up at The Buzz in Monrovia, MD where I think we kind of crashed a first date (see above..), I looked at but didn’t read the Goldfinch.


We were going to go to a creamery right afterwards and I made it into the parking lot of the ice cream place, but all the grass and hills and cramped looking farm store looked overwhelming to me.  So we skipped the ice cream and headed back home.  Next time!! 😉


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  1. GURL- Get rid of that book. It's a waste of time. Your other blog friend is right. It's like they change stories or writers the last half of the book. We aren't getting any younger so we need our time!

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