so much sun.

I did spend the weekend at the fair.  In the hot sun and I worked a lot – from noon until 10pm.  I probably worked a half hour shift every 1.5 hours.  When I was out in the sun for 30 minutes waving a flag around, I’d easily drink a liter of water.  I got sunburned on my chest where I wore a V-neck and forgot to sunscreen. When I was out of the sun, I slept and chatted.  Below is command central “Baker”  where the boys dispatch people via walkie talkies.

A storm rolled in at 7:30 and the kids were pulled out of the field into the cars.  The grown ups were suppose to take over all the kid positions too.  I was a little wary of that, standing in the middle of a parking lot with lightening strikes happening.  So after I helped batten down the hatches, I went into the car with my carpool boys.

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