the week.


This is a hard year for the boy scouts and the parking they are doing at the MoCo fair.  The days have been well over 100F, the nights are filled with thunderstorms.  Vince comes home late and wants to vent about the day.  This is his 4th year we park at the fair and we both realized that we aren’t the new scouts nor the new parents. Vince gets to be responsible for some of the first years (entering 6th graders who seem so tiny to me). Then he gets up at 7:30 am and does it all again.  Did I tell you he was doing all shifts everyday?  That’s 8:30 am to 10 pm for two weekends and a week in the middle.  It’s called doing the Ironman.


We have two weeks between camp and the start of school.  Eliana came in from VA to stay with us to cover some hours.  This week, her usual after school program is in session from 12-4pm and Eliana fills in the other hours.


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