monday meltdown.


I have this thing about the new dishwasher.  I don’t want it to get dirty.  And how does it get dirty?  By putting dirty plates in it.  I know, this is what a dishwasher is suppose to do – clean the dirty dishes, but I don’t want all that food crap in the dishwasher.  My solution?  Doggie pre-wash.  I’m not sure if this is such a great idea.


We are having a minor childcare meltdown.  It started with today – which the kids have off (for a Muslim holiday Eid al-Adha, but on the calendar is marked “professional day for teachers” – sigh we have Christian, Jewish and Muslim holidays.  Now all we need is Chinese New Year!  We do need an extra holiday in February.  No really, holidays are just messing with my carefully orchestrated child care Jenga stack, no holidays ever!) and I had all day clinical, so Jeremy worked from home and managed all the home / kid stuff which included pick ups from sleepovers and drop off at parents houses for Chinese lessons and random kid crap. And both evening childcare providers are struggling with, sigh, struggles.  Which is fine, we all struggle with struggles.  But both?  At the same time? And then, of course, the back up of the back up, my parents, who really, shouldn’t be doing anything involving lifting of Edda (toileting, showering, even lifting Edda in and out of her dining room seat) are out with a bum leg and foot.  So keeping my fingers crossed for everyone to feel better soon! Team Edda needs you!



Meanwhile – laundry.  With black dog hair already deposited on it.  Thanks Max.


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  1. Okay you hang in there. Scott's sis is having trouble. His dad a bit. One of Josh's roommate lots of trouble. Hilary Clinton. The world seems to be getting pulled the wrong way. Maybe it is the upcoming eclipse and full moon! Everyone just take a breath, slow down. Wish I was there to help you Doris.

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