Armpit, teenage mutant,cake!


Pip and I are falling in love with each other.  Although it is in a love triangle with Vince which is a little frustrating to me.  During the day, Pip is mine.  During the nights, Pip snuggles with Vince.  Edda is indifferent, in fact, she almost sat on Pip who is not accustomed to navigating Edda’s rhythms of sitting forcefully on the couch with no warning as the rest of us native residents are used to doing.


We went to Bert’s 4th birthday party today.  I took over 800 photos and handed the SD card over to Vickey.  It’s been a long time since I’ve picked up the good old huge camera, I’m rusty on the controls.  I took only 2 photos with my phone.

Teenage mutant ninja turtle cake:


It was delicious!


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