Rose, dorm room, Taiwan hamburger


It is so cold outside, yet my knockout roses are still blooming.  I should just plant a whole row of these and forget about my garden.  Deer don’t touch these even though it seems like they eat everything else.


Jeremy’s been working from home this past week because his office is undergoing renovations.  He has turned the guest room into a dorm room of sorts.  Bike, stripped down desk, crap all over the place.  He’s having a good time, though he notices that at 3pm, the house kind of explodes.  Dad comes over for tutoring, Vince crashes through the door, the dogs start barking.  I told Jeremy there is a reason I don’t schedule any attorney interviews past 3pm.  Unfortunately, Jeremy is often on the phone from 2-5pm and he’s tethered by the phone cord to his computer and can’t manage all the dog barking, kid singing, etc…



Jeremy took my out tonight.  I had a Taiwanese hamburger.


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