Selfie, studying, brace.


I needed a selfie today.  I gave myself a single attempt and this is what I got.  I think I look a bit cross-eyed in this photo, I tried to follow all the guidelines for a good selfie: natural light, non-distracting background, phone up high, chin down low.


Vince and dad are mad props studying for Chinese, I think they spent 90 minutes at it today.  I had to cancel violin lesson to get in the cram session (sorry, Bob).  Big final (?) tomorrow.  It’s not a final as there are no more finals in MCPS, they just call it some other thing that is a three letter acronym like RPQ or QAI?  Something with Q in it for quarterly, but it just means a “final”.


Edda did stay home from school today – thanks Jeremy for covering, I got back just in time to cover Jeremy’s conference call.  I think she’ll be off to school tomorrow.  But as she’s sick, she gets a pass on wearing the brace…  <3


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