Remember I used to take beautiful photos? Now I just take blurry, dark, ill composed photos with my phone.  Someday I’ll go back to taking beautiful photos again.  And I used to write beautifully composed blog entries.  Someday I’ll go back to that too – right now you get just random carp, I mean crap.


Jeremy spent this evening rerouting all our routing wi-fi routes in the house.  He installed the Eero? Eevo? Evoo? system that Donald gave us for our birthdays in the house and I’m thrilled to report high speed wi-fi is coursing at a never-before-achieved psi through the piping systems of all our internet bound electronic devices.   Even our Nest thermostat (also a gift from Donald) is controlling our HVAC systems nanoseconds faster than it did before.  Vince is especially thrilled in his room, the better to stream, ummmm, whatever he wants to stream.  It’s also excellent at Edda’s bed – which was a frustrating place for our old wi-fi.  Sometimes Edda takes 45 min to go to sleep and then you are stuck there with hiccuping wi-fi trying to stream old Friends episodes while she’s hitting you on the head with her braced arm.  Thank you thank you Donald, for helping me with my Chandler Bing fix.


Vince got some extra badges for himself tonight.  I’m looking forward doing some sewing.


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