Jeremy came home today.  We hosted Sunday night dinner even though it was really Gene & Bette’s turn.  I ordered Chinese takeout.  Now it’s 8:15 or so and I’m going to go to bed.  Hopefully this week will be a quiet one.  (Ha!  Fat chance.)

One thought on “Home”

  1. I hope it is a slow week. Your post from Saturday is concerning. You sound frazzled. If there is anything you can take off your plate to just have a bit more down time maybe just consider it.

    And Vince. Oh puhleeeeze! Tell that lovely, sweet young man that I said that only stupid people get bored, and he's not stupid. This is only me but if he wants something to do then I would say, "you are happy to do the laundry or plan out the weeks meals or do the grocery shopping for the weeks meals. I'll drop you off at the store and give you a budget." Or I make him do all three. Then I'd drop him off and I'd go get a nice cup of tea or ice cream and come get him in one hour. And putting up the groceries and the laundry on the SAME day is a part of his boredom solver. Oh brother teenagers are funny creatures you must admit. Of course, this is what I would do – not what you should do.

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