Sleep, sushi, dog emergency


Shall we start with calm Tues morning?  Well – slightly calmer.   As soon as Jeremy left for Portland (after Edda’s brace and surgery confirmation appt which was depressing and a bummer – not that I was under any illusion that back surgery wasn’t going to happen), all heck broke loose.  Vince started melting down about his quarterly grades (which ends tomorrow), and then as I dug deeper into the situation it became more and more clear how much he was off his mark and how far astray he had led me in telling me about the school situation.  No one will ever mistake me for being a helicopter mom, I think the kids have their own lives and should fix their own problems (Edda too, in weird little ways), but it’s clear that I need to hover more next term.  I hate hovering.  I like to hover over my own crap, I don’t want to hover over anyone else’s stuff – though I guess when I hover over Vince, I could reframe the whole situation by telling myself I have the opportunity to learn about the Industrial Revolution and to read The House on Mango Street and teach Vince good study habits at the same time!  I went to bed irritated about the whole thing, but slept the whole night b/c Edda slept until 6 am (see photo above).


On Wed, Vince and I continue renegotiating various expectations/privileges, getting my dad in on the discussion b/c Vince has been spending an hour a day with dad and those classes are in trouble too.   From Dad’s perspective, all the studying/prep has been going well, so the quarterly results are surprising to him.  This was painful all around – mainly for Vince and second for me.   Dad, I must say, was fantastic with Vince, kind, encouraging emphasizing that they were a crack study team and they would work together to improve – basically my dad was not crazy like me.


We did manage to go out for a nice dinner, Kiki’s treat, at a sushi restaurant.  I don’t think Vince had eaten all day, so the tuna rolls, miso soup, edamame helped perk him up.  By that time, the general outlines of expectations, grounding, computer/phone privileges had been negotiated, so it was a nice time.


Then, more craziness.  I took Ruby out for a walk at 9ish?  I had forgotten something and turned back to the house and rushed Ruby up a hill.  She has had trouble breathing for a long time, but this extra hill exertion caused her throat to close up, which has happened before when she overexerts herself.  I stopped and rested Ruby, but after about 30 seconds, I could hear her struggling more and more and I thought, OMG, she’s going to die right here on the street right in front of me.  I will say that I shoved my mouth all the way down Ruby’s throat to try and blow air into her and then I screamed my head off for help and neighbors came out and help me carry Ruby home because (I was determined) if she was going to die, she was going to die in the house and not out on the street.  We got her home – still struggling to breath.  I called Adriana from upstairs – she was giving Edda a shower – I got Vince to watch Edda.  Adriana (fellow nursing student), came rushing downstairs and helped me assess Ruby, we got the emergency vet number.  We were both like – she needs some Albuterol right now, lol. We loaded Ruby into the van and I drove to the vet.  I could hear her struggling to breath and I was still about 5 min from the vet when I couldn’t hear anything from the back – so I thought she was either dead or fine.  Thank goodness she was fine.  By the time I got to the vet, she was lifting her head, wagging her tail.  I didn’t unload Ruby, rather, I drove home because Ruby was well and, frankly, there was a whole family of people outside the emergency vet just bawling their eyes out.  I’ll take her to our regular vet today.



Nothing like a surge of adrenaline at 10:00 pm to keep you up for hours (well after I got home, checked in with Ruby and all the kids and dogs and Kiki and Adriana – sent Adriana home and talked to Jeremy for 90 min), I went to bed close to 1am.  And then I found Edda stuck like this at 4:30 am. I’m not off to a good day here.  But everyone is still alive and well right this very moment.  So everything is OK.  I’M FINE.  Really.   Ahahahahahaaaaaaaa!


2 thoughts on “Sleep, sushi, dog emergency”

  1. Well sounds like you've been busy! Questions:

    When is Edda's surgery? I want to put it on my calendar.

    Can you take a picture of a bib. I have some remnants and have been doing a little sewing so I might attempt a few.

    Hang in there with Vince and school. Josh went through some really rough patches. I ended up forcing all of us to scale back on activities and realized later we were all just doing too much every night. Doesn't mean that is what any of you are doing but I just want you to know that I can sympathize with being caught off guard by the school struggles.

    Give sweet Ruby and her loose lips some love from me.

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