Faucet, Scout Guide, Hug ‘n Roll.


I spent some time this morning replacing Nat’s shower faucet.  The shower diverter had been malfunctioning for a month (!) and they were taking makeshift showers with a bucket.  Anyways, with the holidays coming, I needed to fix this right away.  They had only one shower faucet model in stock that I could use at (my favorite store) Home Depot and, although it works perfectly now, there is this 1/4 inch space from the shower wall to the faucet edge which is driving me bonkers.  To really fix it, I either need to special order the right length faucet and wait for it to come in (which would take a while – a week?) or I could have (today) shortened the pipe a bit.  But this would have taken another 90 min and would have involved a butane torch and another trip to Home Depot, so I let it be. Other things needed to get done today, and frankly, the shower works!  Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.  Sometimes.



Vince got elected to a leadership position tonight at scouts.  It is called “Guide” which, according to Vince, is the easiest leadership position that one can have.  This is exciting because he thought, when I dropped him off at the election meeting tonight, that he wasn’t going to be able to have any position at all which he was kind of resigned to – it’s hard to tell what he really wants because he hides behind various statements about various things being “lame” even though I think he really wants to do them.



Edda is messing with me, as usual.  She was sound asleep and then 15 minutes later, here she is:


Then 15 minutes later, she asleep again only after I have both my arms and my legs trapped under her body.  Had to implement Ross’s hug ‘n roll.  Good night all!  See you on the other side.


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  1. Good for Vince. I just attended what I thought would be my last Eagle Scout ceremony but who knows maybe Vince will be my last.

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