Cabin, Blue Ridge, hiking.


Way before the election, I conferred with Nat about having her take care of Edda for a weekend so Jeremy and I could skip town for a few days.  Nat is a busy person  and the weekend that worked out was inauguration weekend (though at the time we agreed on the dates, I didn’t remember that fact). After it became clear that the Women’s March was going to happen on Sat, I did think briefly about cancelling, but I really wanted the weekend away with Jeremy – the last time we were on our own was 2013.


I booked a small, little cabin in the Blue Ridge mountains and Maxi got to come with us – we left on Friday, right after noon.  We had a quiet dinner in Charlottesville, VA.



On Saturday, we spent all day hiking.


Over streams.


Seeing waterfalls.


Going to the top of mountains and observing college students.


Max did so well!  We haven’t taken her hiking in this way ever before, but she was an eager and willing hiking partner.


It got foggy on the way down.



We drove back Sunday morning and got back to Rockville at noon.  Extra thanks to Nat & Dara who spent the weekend with Edda (and Vince).


2 thoughts on “Cabin, Blue Ridge, hiking.”

  1. Listen we all marched for you. What you did was so much more important. Spending time alone like that is an investment in that marriage. What you do now with those two great kids is so much more important. Love the pictures!

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