Introvert, Debbie, Russian New Year.

All my life, I’ve believed that I’m an introvert.  I like time to myself, I feel that need time to myself everyday or else I get grouchy.   I usually credit Vince (all his friends/playdates/sleepovers), Jeremy (his desire to host parties and cook for a lot of people) and Edda (all her many caregivers coming/going from the house everyday) for helping me not be a hermit.  I don’t mind spending a whole weekend at home puttering around, talking to no one. And I could have done it this weekend too with both Jeremy and Vince gone, but I didn’t.  I made plans with friends and I had a really nice time – a nicer time than I think I would have just hanging out by myself. Maybe I’m not really an introvert?  It’s hard for me to tell anymore.


I had childcare through lunch, just enough time to fit in a run (at the gym b/c it was cold/rainy.  So crowded!  I hardly ever go to the gym at 10:30am on a Sat.  Lots of people getting tours of the gym, it’s the new year.) and a leisurely late lunch at Matchbox with Debbie.  A quick stop to Ulta where we talked about skin care, wrinkles and plastic surgery.  Then we came home, relieved Kitachi (who had taken Edda out to lunch at Denny’s with her mom!  so sweet!) and hung out another few hours.



Then Edda and I went to a Russian Orthodox New Year’s party.


I planned on staying only 90 minutes, but I ended up staying almost three hours and had a great time meeting and chatting with people.  Who am I?  I have no idea.


I didn’t try either the herring or the fish eggs.


Nor did I do a single vodka shot.  Maybe the chatting was easy for me tonight because everyone else was doing vodka shots.  But I swear, I was mainly talking to the other teetotaling folks.


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  1. Good for you for not drinking and driving. And, I am like you. If I don't make myself go out and hang with friends I probably would stay home in my cozy little house. Though I do love the live music here. Your old washer/dryer that you sold to Matt and Gloria is still working great too!

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