Scoliosis, nap, vigil.


I’ve been worried that Edda’s having some pain from her scoliosis.  I hope I’m not making an error in judgment by finishing out my last term of nursing school and then doing the surgery.  I hope she’s not in a lot of discomfort right now and that her curve holds steady for 4 months.  She was a little moody and unstable in her footing yesterday and last night but she seemed very happy today.  It’s very apparent to me now that the ratio of her torso length to her leg length is not right.  She’s missing 4-5 inches in her torso length, squashed like an accordion.

She napped comfortably on me during the afternoon.



I might have to reinstate my Facebook habit (which I’m hating these days because it sounds like everyone is yelling at me in my own living room), if only to keep track of the protests around the area.  I missed the 1pm march at the White House, but I made the 5:15 candlelight vigil from the Islamic Center in DC with a walk to Pence’s house at the Naval Observatory.  Thank you, my Usual Suspects (Laura, Lauren, Marta and Soojung) for reminding me everyday to show up if I can.  Thank you Jeremy, for dropping me off right in front of the Center.  I wanted Vince to come and he agreed at first, but then decided he was mad at me for making him go and backed out at the last minute.  Next time…


I like this guy’s sign:  “The stranger who resides with you shall be to you as on of your citizens; you shall love him as yourself.”  Leviticus 19:34

And a reminder to me from my friend Erik: To my fellow members of Gex X. Friends, we are a small generation, and not used to being in the limelight. I assumed for most of my life that we would never be called to greatness, that our job was mostly to quietly patch things up after the Boomer’s various excesses and keep the parks open and the trains running and, well, just generally get up and make the donuts (to reference one of our iconic commercial tropes). But greatness, or ignominy, has sought us out, and this is our time. No one of sound mind seeks this sort of crisis. But the crisis has come. This is our trial by fire, as real and immediate was the Depression, WWII, civil rights, or Vietnam. This is our crisis, and it comes when we are at the height of our training, life experience, and resources. What we do now will define us forever.


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