Sleep, London, math cheer.

I did not sleep soundly last night.  I woke up suddenly at 2 am and couldn’t fall back asleep.  I read a little in the dark, I probably did doze off, but I kept seeing the clock hourly – 3 am, 4am, 5am and finally 6am.  I think I had a nightmare, I remember remembering it at 2pm this afternoon, but I don’t now recall what I was scared about.  I don’t often sleep poorly like this, usually when I don’t get enough sleep it’s because I’m up too late.  Vince was trying to tell me the other day all of our parental quirks – the main one being that we go to sleep so early!  So early!  I’d love, in theory, to be in bed at 9pm with lights out at 10pm, but this almost never happens.  It usually is shifted 30 minutes – so I’m generally asleep by 10:30 pm.  Vince told me that his friends all have bedtimes at 11pm and all their parents go to bed at midnight.  I told Vince that he has no bedtime – it’s just that his electronic curfew is at 9pm.  He could stay up until midnight if he wanted to (reading a paper book, making art, thinking about life) – he laughed at me.  I told him I could stay up until midnight every night, but that I’d be markedly meaner which I was this morning in my exhausted state.  Sorry everyone!  I’ll be better tomorrow.  I resisted the 20 minute power nap today I desperately wanted so I’m hoping to sleep soundly tonight.


Jeremy’s been sleeping better (at least from the peaceful snoring I heard last night) – it is usually he that sleeps poorly not me.  This morning I found him on a virtual bike ride/race/workout with some virtual friends in London.



Vince is learning sin/cos/tan.

I’ll leave you with this math cheer:

e to the u, du/dx
e to the x dx
cosine, secant, tangent, sine,
integral, radical, u dv,
slipstick, slide rule, MIT!


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  1. Sorry about the washer. At least you tried which is way more than I would have ever done. I go to sleep about the same time as you too. Bet if you polled Vince's friend's parents they'd say the same.

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