No photo today.  Just a bag with Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  I did my 2nd shift at the hospital yesterday.  Even though the hospital is five minutes from the house, there is a huge difference in my efficiency when I’m away from the house working for 12.5 hours compared to working at home for 8 hours.  That’s 4.5 hours a day that I stuff a lot of crap into – I can usually get a workout, cook/prep dinner, follow up on insurance/bills, laundry, helping Vince/Edda out, studying for nursing school.  I still persist in my desire to get all the stuff done even though it’s really not possible.  Yesterday, outside of the shiftwork, I still wanted to: get a run  in, do a load of laundry, get an hour of work done, review math with Vince, wash the dishes, pay bills and study for a test I have in a few hours.  I did get a run in and I did pay a bill (which I owed the hospital and I paid in person, I’m not sure that counts) and that’s it.  I wanted to be asleep by 8:45 pm.

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