Underwear, hernia, haircut, math.


  • Someone has stolen all my underwear.  I don’t know who did it, but I used to have an unending pile of underwear that I’d never get to the bottom of, but now every time I reach for some underwear, I have none.
  • Jeremy is worried about his inguinal hernia.  He frets about it, but the earliest he wants to fix it is Oct so it won’t screw up his biking season.
  • Edda got a haircut from me this weekend.  Usually I have a second person (usually Kitachi) to eyeball it with me to prevent me from missing spots or going too crooked.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have anyone home at the time I gave Edda a haircut, so I had to go back again and fix some errors.
  • Vince knows his math. Esp. parabolas and directrix.  He’s having a good math term.

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