Home, seeing Vince again, support.


We are home!  Edda pooped, ate breakfast, and took meds by mouth which were the requirements set by the hospitalist for discharge and we did them all by 11 am.  Jeremy came and picked us up in the van – our trusty accessible van did its duty and brought Edda home without too much repositioning on her part.  We all had dinner together and Edda ate tacos with an enthusiasm lacking during the many attempts at feeding her hospital food.  Kitachi helped me with giving Edda a bed bath, lots of log rolling and careful maneuvering.  Now she’s asleep – without the oxy which was due at 9pm if needed, but it seems to be not needed right now as I take sleeping to mean that she’s in relative comfort.


It’s nice to see Vince again, he essentially spent 6 days on his own.  We saw him for no meals, no going to schools or coming back from schools.  We saw him at a few bedtimes and wake up calls.  He was semi-responsible for Maxi and cooking for himself which resulted in Maxi needing to poop a ton each time Jeremy and I would show up at the house because Vince would cook himself a bunch of elaborate things (gumbo with roux!) and then would leave various food items close to the counter’s edge and then Maxi would eat the whole thing and Vince would short change Maxi on the walk and only let her pee and not poop.  (Maxi is a nervous pooper, you gotta go at least a block before she finds the perfect spot).


I’m sure Edda’s home right on schedule because of all the support (both near and far) from all our loved ones.  Thank you all!  <3 <3


I got to go on an evening walk with Maxi and Jeremy.  Almost back to normal.


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