One month post op, before & after.


Today was Edda’s follow up with the surgeon – 1 month post op.  OK, not quite a month, but pretty close.  The doctor was pleased with her progress; impressed that she’s able to walk well and the X-rays look great.  Just a few things to remember: mainly prophylactic antibiotics before teeth cleaning for two years.  She’s cleared for camp activities – horseback riding, swimming, walking, all OK.  I asked if he does feet as well and he said, sure, let’s take a look at them now. We had him look at her splayed out foot and he wasn’t worried about it as long as we braced it (which we are doing already) and he said he’d be happy to track it as we come for back for spinal appointments in the future.  He actually said we could go to a smaller foot brace and that it “didn’t look too bad” to him.  It feels good to have this behind us!


To recap.  Before:




2 thoughts on “One month post op, before & after.”

  1. WOW! What a great post and such good news. It does feel good to have it behind you. Pardon the pun. Way to go all of you!

  2. Omg look at the difference!!!!
    Her back never looked like she had that much curve going on from the su she was standing/ so glad she is doing so well and the surgery is behind you and also about her foot ???????

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