Oxy, enema -> poop.


We are about 4-5 doses of running out of Oxycodone.  Do you think I can just call and ask for a refill?  Or do you think that they gave me enough to last how long the pain usually lasts?  The fact that it’s a controlled/addictive substance gives me pause.  Will the person on the other end of the phone refuse the refill?  I’m not sure why this makes me nervous to ask.  Anyways, Edda’s getting stronger everyday, maybe we won’t need anything past the 4-5 doses.  But I’m a person who likes to fill a take when it gets to 3/4 empty even though you can go another 150 miles, so it makes me nervous we’ve gone through more than half the med without backup.


Adriana is a rock star and she’s been encouraging Edda to walk to get her bowels moving.  And when we couldn’t get any results from her distended belly from our constitutional around the kitchen, Adriana and I gave Edda an enema and we were rewarded with a lot of 💩💩  – the whole process involved KY Jelly, rubber gloves, 4 diapers, a full change of bed sheets and then a much more comfortable and sleepy Edda.  Even though Jeremy is in California, we have a house full of helpers to cook, help Edda up and down the stairs, give enemas, lift wheelchairs, study Chinese and give carpool rides.

Vincent wuz here

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